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Welcome to Osteopathy London
We are John Mallinder Osteopath & Cranial Osteopath on The Roman Road in Bethnal Green East London since 2001, and experienced Osteopath Arturo Del Val Anguita.

The Plane Tree Clinic is run by John with his Psychologist wife Martina, and is just 3 minutes from Bethnal Green Tube. Our central location is easily accessed from Hackney and all of London.

To chat with John to decide if osteopathy is right for you, email or call him on 07931 356 295.

Book online, or with our reception team on
0203 488 0366.

Appointments are available daytime and most evenings till late, Monday to Saturday. See our fees & hours page for more info.

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Osteopathy is recognised as an effective treatment for • general acute & chronic backache and pain • mechanical neck pain • sciatica & trapped nerves • muscle spasms • neuralgia • headaches from neck & back issues • arthritic pain and stiffness • generalised joint pain & stiffness • frozen shoulder • sports injuries • shoulder, elbow pain & tennis elbow • digestive issues • lumbago • fibromyalgia • stress & tension • rheumatic pain & many others

About us

John has twenty years of osteopathic experience, and tutored technique and in the clinic of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine for five years. Originally from East London, after travels abroad and time living elsewhere, he settled in Bethnal Green to live and work in 2001, and has since experienced the enormous changes to Tower Hamlets and Hackney. He enjoys treating all ages from infants to older people and is as comfortable with direct mechanical osteopathic manipulations as he is with gentle and subtle cranial osteopathic techniques.

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Arturo graduated with a Masters in Osteopathy in 2012 and as an experienced osteopath enjoys working with adults with a wide variety of issues. Through post graduate courses and work in gym environments he has honed his skills in the treatment and management of sporting injuries, and uses this knowledge to help all his patients, whatever the cause of their injury. In addition a period of 4 years shadowing and assisting physiotherapists and midwifes as part of the Womens' Health Team at University College Hospital London (UCLH), has provided him with a unique skill-set in the management of pain in and around pregnancy.

We both integrate Medical (Western) Acupuncture techniques into treatments where appropriate, can provide relief and support through the application of kinesiology taping, and actively engage patients in exercise rehabilitation to reduce pain and to improve quality of life.

Consultations & Treatments

The initial consultation is an hour in length and your follow-up treatments 45 minutes. This is longer than many clinics provide, and allows for a thorough assessment and treatment at every stage, and time to engage you in a tailored programme of advice and exercise.
We aim to help you quickly resolve your issues, and to empower you to prevent their return.

The FAQ page will answer many of your questions, and gives the policy on late cancellations etc. Concession fees are available, and further reductions can be discussed on the day.

We look forward to meeting you.

An extract from our reviews.
"Arturo thoroughly assessed my problems and recommended to do dry needling together with stretching. I have seen Arturo for 2 months now and my pain significantly improved. He is an amazing osteopath and I cannot thank him enough - my life quality has improved so much since I have started seeing him! Can highly recommend the whole practice!!!"

"I first went to see John Mallinder at the Plane Tree back in 2013 due to a knee injury and issues with my neck. John was personable and extremely professional from the outset. John’s professionalism is especially evident when he carries out the required procedures on the body. I remain fascinated by the cranial osteopathic work that John is expert in, for example, cranial treatment to release my tight jaw muscles which helped to alleviate neck problems."

"Really great treatment from Arturo. Completely reassuring and instantly effective. Sessions relieved pain quickly and advice and exercises helped in the longer term."

"I came to know John last year thanks to a friend and I've been treated by him ever since. He successfully identified a lot of issues I've been having for years (wrong posture, asimmetries and so on) and that I dind't even know about. In the past year he greatly improved my mobility and my simmetry and most of the issues didn't come back at all. He is really reassuring and very careful, he explains every time what he's going to do and asks if you're comfortable with it."
More reviews..

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The Plane Tree Clinic (click for reviews) is a calm professional space offering osteopathy, massage, other physical therapies, and a range of psychological therapies with experienced practitioners. The clinic attracts therapists not only specialised in their field, but passionate about the opportunity to share knowledge, and where appropriate cross-referral ensures the fastest route towards resolving issues.

Our clinic is in Bethnal Green at the heart of East London. Many patients walk from hackney, shoreditch, mile end, bow, stepney, or the beautiful Victoria Park to reach their osteopath appointment. Being just 3 minutes from Bethnal Green tube means that those from Stratford, Central London and further afield can reach us easily. The bus stop outside our clinic connects to Docklands, Canary Wharf and other parts of Tower Hamlets and Hackney.

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