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Osteopathy for East and Central London

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Welcome to Plane Tree Osteopaths. We are John Mallinder Osteopath, Cranial & Paediatric Osteopath, on the The Roman Road East London since 2001, and his experienced associate Arturo Del Val Anguita. John is co-owner of The Plane Tree, a multidisciplinary Complementary Health Clinic in Bethnal Green East London.

Call 0203 022 5892 to book, or check the Bookings & availability page for further details.

"Great osteopath. I am so grateful to John, he helped us so much with our preemie baby. She started developing so fast after just the first session. His techniques are amazing."

"John uses a variety of techniques to treat my discomfort and in treating me in this manner, shows that with each treatment, progress is being clearly made. The tailormade "homework" has also been of great support in aiding my recovery. The Plane Tree is an oasis for physical and mental recovery."
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Appointments for Osteopathy in East London are available daytime and some evenings Monday to Saturday with John or Arturo , and are arranged by phone with our receptionists .

John treats all ages, from infants to older people for a wide range of conditions. Arturo is experienced helping adults with a variety of issues, and has a particular interest in sporting injuries and the management of pain during and after pregnancy. Both are trained to integrate Medical (Western) Acupuncture techniques into treatments where appropriate, and are passionate to engage patients in exercise both to reduce pain and to improve quality of life.

Your Consultation
Consultations includes an explanation of the diagnosis, treatment, advice, and an estimate of the number of visits you may require.

If you are unsure if osteopathy can help, then John can be reached for a in advance of your booking on 07931 356 295, or via e-mail which is linked on the right. The FAQ page will answer many of your questions, and gives the policy on late cancellations etc. Concession fees are available, and further reductions can be discussed in advance by phone.

Our Clinic
The Plane Tree (click for reviews) in Bethnal Green East London is an accessible purpose built clinic offering osteopathy and other physical therapies, as well as a range of psychological therapies with experienced practitioners.

Osteopathy On Insurance
John's BUPA, AVIVA, PRU, HSA, Simply Health and other insurer recognition may cover the cost of your osteopathic treatment. Please see our FAQ page for more information.

We look forward to meeting you.

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Osteopathy for • general acute & chronic backache and back pain • mechanical neck pain • sciatica & trapped nerves • muscle spasms • neuralgia • headaches from neck & back issues • arthritic pain and stiffness • generalised joint pain & stiffness • frozen shoulder • sports injuries • shoulder, elbow pain & tennis elbow • digestive issues • lumbago • fibromyalgia • stress & tension • rheumatic pain & many others

Experienced Registered East London Osteopath, at Bethnal Green. Proving Osteopathy for Hackney. Osteopathy covered by BUPA, AVIVA, Prudential, HSA, Simply Health and other insurers. Osteopathy for, general acute & chronic backache and back pain, mechanical neck pain, sciatica & trapped nerves, muscle spasms, neuralgia, headaches from neck & back issues, arthritic pain and stiffness, generalised joint pain & stiffness, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, shoulder, elbow pain & tennis elbow, cramp, digestive issues, lumbago, fibromyalgia, stress & tension, rheumatic pain & many others. An Osteopath for Hackney East London, and the areas of: Hackney E8 E9, Bow E3, Bethnal Green E2, Mile End, Stratford E15, Stepney E1, Shoreditch EC1, Spitalfields, Docklands, Victoria Park Hackney, and Tower Hamlets.