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Your Treatments

● What should I expect from subsequent treatments?
Following some questioning about the changes to your condition a brief re-examination is made. The allows the progression of treatment to be assessed objectively and ensures that it is adapted accordingly. During these visits both hands-on treatment is provided as well as advice regarding exercises or lifestyle modifications that will assist in your recovery. Any questions you may have can be addressed along the way.

● How frequent are treatments?
This depends on the problem and its severity. In some cases, particularly when the pain is acute, then is more effective to see the patient again within a few days. Generally treatments are spaced roughly one week apart, although as the condition begins to improve they may be spaced more widely.

Some patients feel that they benefit from visits on a regular basis despite the absence of any pain. In such cases they may chose to attend every few weeks or months for a check-up, and can simply book themselves in.

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